My Summer Release, including a special collaboration!

My Summer Release, including a special collaboration!

We made it people! Summer is here. This is the reward we get in the UK for our pretty rough winters. You just can't beat how green and beautiful everything is. My latest photoshoot was at a lovely airbnb in the Cotswolds, the views were gorgeous and the place itself felt pretty fancy. I especially appreciated the hamper of goodies as we walked in! My favourite season in England is the summer, but my very favourite time is that golden hour when the sun is starting to set. This summer glass flower collection is inspired by beautiful summer sunsets and blossoming cottage gardens, using heaps of sustainable glass buttercups, gardenias and cottage roses to bring you unique everlasting beauty and memories of summer days with these glass flower bouquets.

The Glass Florist
Collaboration with Made by Powley
This piece is extra special as it’s a combination of two British artists, with these gorgeous custom made ceramic vases created as a limited edition run by British ceramicist Made by Powley on the Dorset coast, bursting with handcrafted glass flowers by myself at The Glass Florist. These are a limited edition piece, which has been curated to be full of sunflowers, cornflower blue gardenias, chamomile stems, and opal pink roses among so many other floral treasures. These flowers are displayed perfectly in these eggshell effect ceramic vases in beautiful soft earthy tones making for a gorgeous one off special gift, whilst supporting two British artisan makers. 
Glass Flowers
Summer Blooms Glass Flower Bouquet
Inspired by our best selling spring inspired glass flower bud vase this piece is a celebration of summer; giving you flowers in a sustainable and unique way. This piece has beautiful buttercups, anemones and gardenias, finished off with bright green leaves, turquoise buds and a cute little butterfly completed with a gorgeous cut glass bud vase. This piece is overflowing with summer, perfect to spruce up your outdoor dining and garden decor, or as a unique gift for a summer birthday.
glass flowers
Golden Sunshine Glass Flower Bouquet
Inspired by the golden hour at the end of a warm summers day, when the sun is dipping and everything is glowing beautifully. This handcrafted glass flower bouquet brings together rich amber and warm yellow glass, alongside the delicate pinks and vibrant greens. I designed this piece to give an everlasting piece of those special summer days to bring back those beautiful memories with beauty that never fades.
Glass Flowers

Sunset Skies Glass Flower Bouquet

A pop of colour to give you the perfect bouquet of handcrafted glass flowers, to represent summer in a vase. Crisp and bold purple daisies, coral buds and long seed stems in rich orange tones set off the white crisp marble daisies perfectly. This bold and bright bouquet is the perfect unique gift this summer, giving a sustainable alternative to fresh cut flowers. 


Glass Flowers

Romantic Roses Handcrafted Glass Flower Bouquet

A summer wedding delight, with a unique and sustainable twist with a handcrafted glass flower bouquet. This piece isn’t just for new brides, it’s a celebration of beautiful warm hazy evenings at the end of a summer's day. By using soft pinks and opal glass, alongside warm honey tones it creates a rose gold effect that’ll bring a touch of elegance to your home with the detailed deluxe roses, eucalyptus and gardenia stems. This piece is overflowing with romance and the perfect gift for a special anniversary or romantic proposal.

Glass Flowers

Sunflower Glass Flower Bouquet

Sunflowers are synonymous with summer, just think of the rolling fields of sunflower heads bobbing in the breeze in the French countryside. Why not bring that into your home this season with a bouquet of handmade glass flowers, perfect to brighten up your work from home space, add to your garden decor, or gift to a summer birthday as a unique and sustainable gift. All completed with a gorgeous cut glass bud vase. 

Glass sunflowers


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