About Me

My mission is to provide the essential beauty of flowers we all love and enjoy but in a far more sustainable form than the traditional cut flower industry.

I'm Donna aka The Glass Florist and every piece you see is designed and created by me through lampwork.

Whilst on a wildlife research trip to Canada back in 2013 I stumbled upon a glass studio up high in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. I signed up for their lampwork class and it's safe to say the rest is history. I would then make my way up the mountain on the bus every day to practice. I created such a haul of pieces that my luggage was overweight and I had to fill my pockets with beads to fly home!

Lampwork is a technique that dates back to the 1st Century BC, originating in Syria and then more famously in Murano, Italy. I originally developed my skill working on beads and pendants, but 2020 bought about the curation of The Glass Florist. This combined my love of glasswork with my fascination with flowers and all they can represent.

Flowers often play a small but powerful part in all of life's most significant moments. From the highs of a wedding to the lows of a funeral. It is my privilege to be able to provide this to any design you wish, no matter the season and in a form which will last forever. The benefit of my art form is the range of possibilities and we can create you a piece which is a true reflection of you or someone you love.

A tree is planted for every order ecologi.com/theglassflorist and a percentage of sales are donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help fight the damage caused to British Bumblebee populations.

Today, I spend each day designing and creating bouquets for my amazing customers from "The Floristry", my studio and converted sheep shed next to my 17th century cottage in the British countryside. I am always pushing to create bouquets which are as unique and beautiful as each and every one of us.

Lovely to meet you,
Donna xx