Something I never imagined doing (and my new spring release!)

Something I never imagined doing (and my new spring release!)

Country cottage kitchen 

If you’d told me a few years ago that I’d be hiring out a swanky photoshoot location AND a professional photographer AND it wouldn’t be some crazy roll of the dice business strategy, I would have asked if you’d been lampworking for too long without sufficient ventilation (…which can give you heavy metal poisoning fyi). However, that was exactly how I spent my Monday last week! I hired a lovely little cottage near Stamford and spent the day listening to their record player, moving my new glass flower bouquets around the house and trying not to eat/drink all the props. The owners even set out a little treasure hunt to find a particularly delicious bottle of prosecco.

I’m always very aware that I should be creating new pieces, although so far I haven’t done this to a good level of consistency. But moving forward I’ve got my arse in gear and came up with (a fairly obvious) system. I’ll be releasing a handful of pieces with the seasons starting with Spring 2023. There’ll be a page on my website specifically for whichever season/release we’re currently in. Having this in place coupled with the smaller volume of new pieces should reduce my decision fatigue and allow me to do what is ultimately my absolute favourite thing in the world: designing and creating new pieces. I get a taste of it from time to time by creating glass wedding flower recreations and the challenge and feeling of accomplishment is exhilarating. Don’t get me wrong I ADORE making all my older pieces but any artist will understand the thrill of creating something new.  

So here they are, my spring release of four glass flower bouquets which I couldn’t be more proud of, and shown off beautifully by the photography skills of Ben from Ben Cotterill Photography, who I can’t recommend highly enough.


Starting with this piece which is a complete one-off, never to be recreated. The perfect spring pastel bouquet, full of anemone, buttercups, roses, carnations and daisies, and completed in a beautiful hand painted floral vase by artist, Ellie Cartlidge from Ellie Cartlidge Designs Only one of these is available, and this will not be remade making it truly unique and one of a kind. 

One Off Pastel Spring Glass Flower Bouquet in Hand Painted Floral Vase

 Pastel spring glass flower bouquet in painted vase

Nothing says Spring quite like a jug of beautiful flowers, and this set wont wilt or fade. A beautiful yellow ceramic jug filled to the brim with daffodils, forget me nots, tulips, grape hyacinth and pussy willow. 

Spring Daffodil Glass Flower Bouquet

Spring Daffodils Glass Flower Bouquet in yellow jug vase

A bright spring take on the best selling boho bouquet, full of roses, hydrangea heads, lavender stems and chrysanthemum in shades of fresh blue, warm yellow, honey, mint and lilac.  

Spring Boho Glass Flower Bouquet

Spring Boho Glass flower bouquet in clear glass vase

And finally a beautiful cut glass vase filled with classic pansy/viola flowers in rich shades of purple, lilac and yellow. 

Purple Pansy Glass Flower Bouquet

Purple Pansy Glass Flower Bouquet in cut glass vase

Does everyone else get more and more excited for spring to come around as the years go on? Might be that I’m getting older and/or that we live in a 300+ year old cottage which can get a touch chilly in the winter. The first glimpse of a Daffodil couldn’t be more exciting these days, to the point that my Husband has nicknamed me Daffs. I’ll make sure to write my next blog post with my summer release but for now let’s all enjoy the undeniable beauty of a British spring. 

 If you did want to see me behind the scenes and for more updates maybe give me a follow on my instagram, I love hearing from you and I’m always here if you have any questions about your next special piece!

Love Donna


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