The Autumn Collection

The Autumn Collection

Well what a rollercoaster the last few months have been. Exciting, daunting, life changing and more than I could have ever dreamt of. Here I am 5 viral videos later with combined views of around 20M views and lead times of around 43 weeks feeling fairly shell shocked! And what's more the kindness, love and support I have felt from my customers has blown me away.

It's every artists dream to one day immediately sell out a collection and last month was the first time it happened. My Autumn collection sold out in under a minute. I'm filled with gratitude and love for everyone one of you. I'm so sorry to everyone who missed out, I am looking to create a selection of pre made pieces for every seasonal release moving forward.

While I have my head down at the moment due to the tidal wave of orders, more calm is in sight now that I have started to figure out how to manage the demand. I have so many exciting projects to bring you and I can't wait to share them all!

Here's some information regarding my Autumn Collection and my inspiration from the pieces I've created:

I always find Autumn to be the most romantic of the seasons. I love the evenings drawing in, the cosy fires and the flickering candles. There’s still a hint of the warmth and light of the summer but with the promise and excitement of Christmas. This collection has been designed to bring together those rich warm glass tones along with the fresh crisp colours of an autumn morning. These glass flower bouquets allow you to bring forever flowers into your home decor this season.

Autumn bouquet

Maple Trees and Autumn Leaves

To me this piece encapsulates the season. I’ve used all my favourite autumn colours, with the deep maple browns, soft ivories, bright amber and warm pink glass to make this bouquet feel like a warm and cosy autumn hug. The glass flower bouquet is finished off with a beautiful textured vase, I love the unique shape of this vase and how it’s paired with such a beautiful trellis style marking around the edge. I’ve played with texture and size with this piece to help make it feel authentic and natural. You’ll find soft ivory wheat stems, rich chocolate brown seed stems and maple leaves, next to tiny frill-edged warm pink flowers and big double layered petal flowers centered around dappled marbled coloured centres. I really hope you love this one, it’s been such a joy to create.

Unique gift 

 Crisp Autumn Morning Glass Flower Bouquet

I wanted to showcase that Autumn isn’t just about the rich, cosy, warm colours, but can also be recreated with fresh, crisp, pure tones of green, grey, white and clear. This piece brings in a variety of flower styles and designs to play with textures, along with the variety of opaque and transparent glass to recreate those fresh mornings where the mist lays like a blanket across the fields. All complete in a beautiful ceramic vase.

Sustainable flowers

Cosy Autumn Days Glass Flower Bouquet 

This piece is cosy, classic autumn, all wrapped up in one little pumpkin shaped vase! I’ve bought in the traditional autumnal colours, focussing purely on the rich browns, ambers, maple, caramel and chocolate tones to recreate those fall hot chocolates, toffee apples, roaring fires, and crispy leaves. The pumpkin shaped ceramic vase is the perfect fit to show these flowers off to the fullest.

Glass flower bouquet

Pine Leaves And Evergreens Glass Flower Bouquet

I fell in love with this vase and knew I had to design a piece especially for it. I love the rounded balloon shape, with the embossed pine leaf detailing sweeping across the front. For this piece I’ve chosen fresh green tones, with soft grey glass and crisp white and clear. I wanted to recreate a crisp frosty morning over a dewy field and these colours are the perfect fit. I’ve used a variety of textures, and introduced some new flower designs i haven’t yet featured in any of my work before. I love that this piece can transition so nicely between the seasons too, so it’ll always find a place in your home no matter the time of year.

artificial flowers

Autumnal Amber Skies Glass Flower Bouquet

This bouquet has been designed around the old adage of ‘red skies at night’, promising a dry, crisp, cosy day to come. I‘ve lightened the piece with the bright amber, and warm pink glass to recreate those beautiful autumnal sunsets, before the cosy evening draws in, with candles twinkling at the windows.





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